I want recommendations for online courses or roadmaps for golang

Hello guys,
I am a beginner in golang and I finished that tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YS4e4q9oBaU&t=9005s
and I need your help to recommend me the best online courses or roadmaps for where to go next.
Also, I am bit confused reagrding which framework to use in golang.I can not take a decision for what to use.

Many tahnks

Hi @ahmadbakry!

I’m also new to Go, and am looking for ways to learn it. There’s a great list of resources for learning Go on the GitHub Go Wiki.

Also see this ongoing discussion: Please Recommend Some Fun Paperback Introductions to Go.

Best of success with your learning! :slight_smile:

Hi @Quercus

Thanks for your reply.
I am sorry for the late response
That helped me alot, specially the discussion here:

thanks again

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You’re quite welcome!

There’s no problem at all with the timing of your response. :slight_smile:

It’s rewarding to know that the discussion about Go educational resources was helpful to you. Thank you, @Dean_Davidson, @AxelRHD, and @duckduck for contributing to that conversation.

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