What happened the last 2 days?

Over the last two days I was unable to access the forum. The timespan I was unable to access it was (at least) 7:00 yesterday to 13:00 today. Thats ~30 hours.

I tried to reach for @gobridge on twitter, but no response.

I was able to connect to http://forum.golangbridge.org and got a 302 (or was it 301?) to the HTTPS version. There the request simply timed out. The longest time I gave my tests was 5 minutes and still no response.

Since HTTP worked I didn’t trust in isup.me’s “its just you”.

So, today the forum is reachable again for me, have I been the only one or have those problems been more widespread?

PS: I checked from 4 different networks, which all had different ISPs. With my mobile I checked from various locations over a 100km commute trip to rule out local infrastructure.



You haven’t been the only one unable to access it. I couldn’t connect for the last couple of days either.

same from France…

… and from Germany.

Chile too.

Yeah. Pinged on twitter to no avail too.

yeah, same here, I was trying to ping them on slack, but it seems there is no golangbridge channel at all

In my opinion it is a pity that there was no official statement during the outage or even now 2 days after…

I really like the golang community in this forum, but this 4 days of silence is a warning signal for me.

In the last 20 years I was part of more than one community, I never had such a situation were the obvious siteowner was this silent. On an outage I usually got responses (if they not even twittered proactively that they are fixing it).

Okay, sometimes it took some time for the answer, but usually not longer than until end of sleeping period of the responsible person.

What if this happens again? Not for only 2 days but a week? Even longer? Will it come back the next time it happens?

Where can we ask for status reports?

Is someone trying to fix it actively?

Has an attack happened? Do we need to fear about our data? Was it just the cleaning woman not putting power back in after vacuum cleaning the server room :wink: ?

So many questions, but no answers…


There are many admins, but most are not really active on the site itself. I’d suggest it’s mostly on auto pilot from an admin perspective…? @flexd handled the last instabilities we had.

Are those tech-admins or community admins? Maybe only responsible for the software running on a VM but not able to do anything beyond that?

Still, no one has said anything.

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