Forum downtime announcement (again!) :(

Hey there! Sorry for the downtime (again). This was not intended, and was caused by everyone being away on holiday and such :slight_smile: I didn’t notice it soon enough unfortunately.

As soon as I get the time I’m taking some measures to try to avoid this in the future.

I hope everyone is having a good summer outside anyway, maybe nobody noticed this :wink:

Thats a late excuse for beeing offline ~2 days 2 months ago…

I do realize, that this is probably because of the ~2 hours or so from todays morning. But why weren’t you able to respond when we had the huge downtime?

What are the means to reach out for you? How to contact? How make you aware of issues?

If you forgot what happened:

The forum is basically run by me and @freeformz at this point, preferrably more people should have access to fix things. Both of us are on Slack, and if you ping me there whenever I’ll try to respond as fast as I can :slight_smile: @freeformz lives in the US somewhere (it’s about 4 am where he is now according to Slack), and I live in Northern Europe. #admin-help on Slack is also available, and should have some people there to respond.

It might be a bad excuse, but I do not have my phone set to wake me up if something is wrong on the forum when I sleep, and I doubt he does either. Keeping this alive is something I do with my limited spare time, because I like having the forum around and I think this is a much better medium than the mailing lists or reddit.

If something happens during the weekend if either of us are away or sleeping, there are no other people around to handle the issue unfortunately.

The past two downtimes have been due to backups taking up all the space, which unfortunately makes everything stop. I have doubled the disk size now, and I’m looking into limiting the amount of backups we keep to prevent this happening again. This is actually due to increased post volume, making the backups bigger! :smiley
I would love for the forum to be more reliable, but we have not had the time to sit down and make it so. We do not have a proper monitoring setup ala. Nagios or anything, other than telling us on Slack the forum is down.

Preferrably we would have at least a few people in both timezones that could handle incidents like this and manage the forum better. Same goes for forum moderation, as it’s pretty much just me moderating the forum at this time.

I want this forum to survive and be much better than it is today. Downtimes like this should not happen at all.

If anyone is interested in moderating the forum, let me know!

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Which? The official Golang slack?

Were can one reach out for you if one doesn’t want to sign up just another throw-away slack account?

This sounds as if you do this as a hobby. But the domain suggests there were a company behind the forum.

And if you both do this as a hobby, it should probably made more clear. This board is linked from the golang site and has an URL that looks as if there were money behind to maintain it.

If though you do this as a hobby, I’m perfectly fine with letting you sleep and not setting up alarms. But the minimum I expect then (especially with such a low busfoactor of 2) are away notices and post-mortem reports, and not silently ignoring the community when they ask what happened.

I’m already moderator in another forum, have a day job, 2 children and my wife, but I wish you good luck searching for other active moderators.

And thank you for your kind and honest answers to my questions, they make a bit more clear why things happened.

This forum was at started by GoBridge (as you might have guessed by the domain).

I’m not a part of GoBridge as a company, but I am a part of the Slack admin group, and volunteered to help run the forum when it was started up. Not sure if would call this a hobby of mine, rather than unpaid volunteer work :stuck_out_tongue:

The intention was to be “the Go forum”, much as the Slack group is “the Go Slack community”. It’s not at all a official Go forum, but as you said has linked to the forum previously in Blog posts.
I prefer this kind of format/forum rather than the mailing lists (chaotic) or reddit, but we do not have a comparable big volume of posts yet though.

If the forum is down, you could email, or contact any of the Core team or admins mentioned in the Code of Conduct.

I have tried bringing up that we need a bit more active moderators, but nobody has jumped on the chance yet. :wink:

I hope the forum continues to grow, but I’m very aware that if this type of downtime continues it’s not going to. Why come here when you could go to Reddit or the mailing-lists? :slight_smile:

I just wanted to say :rainbow: THANK YOU :heart:️ for volunteering your free time to keeping this site up and running! :rocket:

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