Please tell me how to obfuscate the code

I am trying to code obfuscation for binaries written in go language, please help me

aren’t the binaries already obfuscated ?

What kind of obfuscation do you actually need? What is your threat model?

Code obfuscation is required to prevent leakage of source code when writing a program with go.

I haven’t done it yet

Hi @bluefire, code obfuscation does not prevent source code leakage, it only makes it more difficult to reverse-engineer the code.

See e.g. these forum topics:

And this thread in golang-nuts:

Any solution to hide my source code written in Go and make it a library to develop in Go as well

Some suggestions from the above sources:

  • Do not deliver a binary to your customers, make it a Web service instead
  • Search for better customers if you cannot trust your current ones
  • Protect your rights legally

This being said, there are some obfuscation projects around. Searching the Web for “golang code obfuscation”, I found burrowers/garble: Obfuscate Go builds and unixpickle/gobfuscate: Obfuscate Go binaries and packages, and there are probably more, but really, don’t put your bets on obfuscation.


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