I need reverse engineering protection tool

I need reverse engineering tool for Go Lang based applications.

and also reverse engineering protection tools for Go Lang based applications.

could you give me the solution , for me as soon as possible.

So, a never used this lib, but you can try

no you don’t, not if you have to ask this question

I can’t understand . what you are saying…

Is there any option to protect the golang source code from reverse engineering ?

natively not, only if you use some libs to obfuscate the build, but of course, this not impeding reversing engineering, it’s only the technic to difficult the same

I have developed the Golang based API and Web Application. Now I decided to give it to the Customer. Customer may steal my code . I want to add the protection against reverse engineering . Please give me the solution as soon as possible.

as someone who owned a consulting company for 30+ years, I can tell you this; if you are worried about a customer “stealing your code” you wrote for them and only license to them then you need better customers.
Code you wrote for them so it is theirs anyway, at least the version you delivered to them unless you have a contract saying otherwise, so how can they “steal” something they paid for.

and if you have to ask how to do this, I doubt you have written anything that is worth stealing, is that clear enough. anyone that can write something novel or innovative enough to need to be protected from reverse engineering would know that it is not possible to protect anything from reverse engineering by someone that is dedicated enough. and if it were that innovative or novel enough and someone needs it to run their business or make money with, then they should be willing to pay for it.


Yep - unless you’re selling software as a service, generally speaking they own the code you wrote for them anyway. In my consulting firm we have something in our contracts that allows us to re-use very generic code across customers (stuff like generic data access layer helper funcs) but even then we have to be careful, since the customers own the code.

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