Newbie needs some advice

Hey guys.

I am currently doing a bit of freelance web development (front end only). Prior to this I practiced law for 13 years and decided to change careers at the ripe age of 38 at the end of 2017. I guess I was lucky to get a project fairly early on, but it is really simple and basically amounts to data entry with a bit of HTML and CSS throw in. Furthermore, the pay is not that good and I am slowly reaching the stage where I have to find a job and I’m getting kind of desperate. The good thing is that it “keeps the pot on the boil” while I learn further.
I am fairly proficient at Javascript and Python, but I feel as if I’m just not at that stage where I can apply for jobs. Granted, I think I have been in tutorial purgatory for the past 2 years, having that fear of trying to build something on my own.
Ironically, the first language I was introduced to when I first started out was Go. I have played around with it a bit before and I really enjoy it. I do, however, want to reach that stage where I am employable. I have both Todd Mcleod’s courses (the Learn Go one and the Web Development with Go). Are there any other resources that are worth it? I also want to find out where one can find a mentor to, firstly, mentor me as I learn and, secondly, keep me accountable.
Any help will be appreciated.

Well firstly respect for making a change to your life from a vocation that I assume pays very well, to one that I assume makes you happier - that takes guts.

Aside from Todd’s courses and the official documentation for the language and packages, I would recommend “The Go Programming Language” by Donovan and Kernighan.

I have also learned a lot from Youtube videos of conference talks.


Hi my felow , you could read this post :sunglasses:

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