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I am learning Go Language , i was watching videos from JustForFunc: Programming in Go even from sentdex , i like Go Language and i am very interested to create Web Site etc , even to become a Backend Developer .
Even i am reading this book : Introducing Go for help , what is the right way to move to my target ? Thank you in advance :thinking:

I would suggest working through the Tour of Go:

Then once you grasp those fundamentals start writing your own projects. Start with simple things and then add to them.

Learn what’s available to you in the standard library:

Examine repositories other people have created and experiment with and improve on those community packages. You’ll get experience with how others are solving problems with Go.

Like with any software development you’ll want to cultivate the ability to break your problem down into step by step chunks. You’ll get this skill from building projects. Thankfully Go makes building something that works a quick process.

Good luck on your journey, and if you get stuck this community is a fantastic resource for help.


CurtGreen Thank you very much for your help and support :sunglasses:

Following along to a course or book I feel will save you tonnes of time while you learn Golang properly. Here’s a list of some of the best Go courses, tutorials & books:

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Thank you for your support my fellow :sunglasses:

I’m using Todd McLeod’s Learn How To Code: Google’s Go (golang) Programming Language, and am enjoying it. Todd’s easy style makes it easier to stick too.
Supplement it with Introducing Go: Build Reliable, Scalable Programs by Caleb Doxsey, and The Go Programming Language by Alan A. A. Donovan, and I can dig deeper into concepts I want more on.
I feel I’m learning and find value in these purchases.
I’m surprised Doxsey’s book isn’t in the Best Golang tutorials list but the others are and rightly so :+1:


Thank you my fellow for your suggestions , i said that videos by Todd McLeod , i have find a lot Pdf book’s ( Introducing Go ) for instance which is very helpful .
To be honest the JustForFunc: Programming in Go is advanced ( i think ) for beginners like me :sunglasses:

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Gowitek Techie Thank you about your help :sunglasses:

and I would like suggest tod. he is incredibly excellent for beginners.

Thank you for your help Hamed_Mostafaei , i found this course though :sunglasses:

I’m thinking of building a resource to help learn Go. It would basically trigger you with reminders to keep learning certain things daily. How much can/ would you invest into dedicated learning of Go per day?


What a pity ! I’m working on writing a golang course but still haven’t finished it nor decided if it will be free. I’m sure it could have helped you a lot. I’m writing it in a very concise and coaching style (or conversational style if you prefer). When finished, I’ll certainly publish a post here. Stay tuned.

Hi, im learning Go too, if you want interchange info or code i give you my email:

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