Looking for Go open source idea

I want to make an open-source Golang project. I need your help. Give me some ideas which have all or some of these:

  • Tech industry or Developers need it
  • There are a few or zero similar projects out there
  • There are similar projects written in other languages like Python but are not fast and optimized
  • Not so hard to start

Thanks in advance.

Hi @mortezat,

That’s a tall order! Even only the first two points are hard to meet at the same time, as they effectively contradict each other. Virtualy anything that devs or the industry needs already exists somewhere. Especially if it is easy to implement (4th point). And if a solution exists in other languages but is not optimized, then maybe there is not much need for an optimized version (point 3). So all of the points are hard to meet at the same time.

A good starting point could be to “scratch your own itch”, that is, start with a problem you face personally and write a solution for that.

Or how about contributing to already existing projects as a start? New problems that justify a new OS project might become visible from such interactions.

Is therea target you have to achieve, or just personal interest?

You’re completely right @christophberger
Maybe contributing to an existing project is the better option as a start.


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I want to make a useful open-source project. It’s my passion. Also I want to improve my career and get jobs faster.

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