Graphical User Interface. GUI in Go

Hello People

I am a new here and I know that there are a lot of talking and discussing about GUI tool kit for Go, but nothing for dummy people like me. All what I am interesting about is a simple 2 questions:

  1. Can someone write an easy step by step guide for make a simple dialogue or button things in Go for dummies?
  2. if there is a good GitHub resource which is alive and valuable, pleas post and explain how to use it again for Dummies :slight_smile:

all what I found here are quite interesting but not INFORMATIVE. I know about using html or css or running things in chrome app mode. but I can’t make things done. I don’t have such big skill in golang. I know hot to import Github libraries in Go code, but none of them are useful.

So just someone write a Good Guide or other informative things for DUMMIES :slight_smile:

I am a new in GO LANGUAGE. But I already fall in love with it.

Thanks for your attention

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look here. was some discussions around GUI.

Thanks for rep, but I already read all of them and as I mentioned they are not informative for dummy people. I also downloaded GitHub libraries and tried to build GUI, but nothing happened, Be cause those GitHub libraries are not informative enough for dummy people like me.

so the reason to open this topic again is to try to understand and gain some skills to build a normal real and easy like “Hello World” GUI in go.

Go was written mostly for servers. it’s not a simple task to make a gui application in Go especially if you are a beginner. but the easy way is writing web applications and running in Chrome app mode :wink:

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that’s the point. I took it as a solution, but didn’t find good step by step tutorial. can you help if there is an easy way to do it? or are there some examples which I can copy and paste and compile?

as I see no one has an idea how to help complete beginner in a programming world? I need a simple step by step tutorial for how to build html interface using golang as a back and and run it with chrome in app mode. can anyone explain with simple example how to do it.

app mode mean opening a page in chrome with --app flag like that

google-chrome --app=

example of writing web applications in golang. or if you prefer with templates. generally speaking are tons of resources on the internet… you can also watch Todd McLeod courses about web programming.

Thank you. that was informative. I will investigate. :slight_smile:

Last question :). what should I need to know to develop good web apps with GO? is just HTML and CSS enough with GO, or I need something else? thanks

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You may want to check out this . This shows how to natively build UI with simple x11 event managements. I have used for both linux desktop and arm (Pi2 and Pi3) system.

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depends of the application. generally speaking, a web application involve HTML,CSS,Javascript but also some libraries and toolkits (eg.JQuery,Angular,Bootstrap,…etc). also some databases are usually used for storage. so, the backend language are one piece in this puzzle :wink:

Will it work for windows platform?

QT GO.!!! this is a good thing. I’ll investigate it soon when I’ll have free time. quite curious :slight_smile: can’t wait

I found so many things, but any way I am confused. I don’t quit understand why google developed this language? what’s the point?

OK. server side. I understand, but there are many server side solutions. why go? why new language? what is the goal? just a back and or something? or is google thinking of replacing open source java and C++ in long terms. will it add a directx or openGL or some UI libraries in GO? I don’t understand. I love Go, I love the way it’s working, I love that it is compiled language and it is getting faster and cooler, BUT THERE IS NO BIG ANSWER ABOUT THE FUTURE OF GO. GOOGLE is not telling us a future. So is the GO language an another Javascript, Python, node.js, ruby and SO ON or is GO is different and its future is different.

This is a philosophical question and it need philosophical answer. WHAT’S THE GOAL OF CREATING GOLANG??? :confused:

Go was created to fill a niche:

Go aims to combine the safety and performance of a statically typed compiled language with the expressiveness and convenience of a dynamically typed interpreted language.

It also aims to be suitable for modern systems - large scale - programming.

-Rob Pike OSCON 2010

You can also watch Rob Pike’s talk explaining the reasons in detail.

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first, Google developed golang for it needs. second, is mostly a server side because many projects goes cloud. you need to read the entire philosophy to understand for what golang was created. basicaly golang bring together the best concepts from C++,Phyton,Java and more (not functional languages) in a very simplified form. are many arguments for golang existance…

a gui toolkit wasn’t a priority but some projects was born. anyway, before adoption of a such project you may need to look over the maintaining of that project. many projects are incomplete or abandoned. this is the main reason because i recomended a Chrome instance to run web apps, Chrome will exist and will have support, so is a long time investment, some toolkits maybe yes or maybe not.

The library is based on X11 library by for X11. There are some opengl based UI that can run on multiple platform

Thanks. That’s why I landed my self studding HTML5 CSS and GOLANG with chrome appmode. this is enough for now and in the future let’s see :slight_smile:

Actually Rob Pike told, that Go will combine compiled and dynamic interpreted languages together and that GOLANG is not just a language for servers. Yes it is used widely for server works, but it can do more.

Project similar to will be a great idea.

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