Go Release Timeline

When reading older posts (even my own) I sometimes need to figure out what version of Go was current then. Digging through the release notes and comparing dates is annoying, so I built an interactive timeline:


Check a date by dragging the vertical, blue bar around or entering one in the date text field. Hovering (or double tapping on mobile) over the releases will show the date a specific version was released.

Release notes are displayed when a release is selected.


Phantastic, thank you very much!!! :slight_smile:

This is great, thanks. Would be really nice if it showed the relevant release notes when you tapped on a release.

Release notes are now displayed when a release is selected.

Sounds neat! Alas, does not compute in Safari or Chrome on my machine:

Ahh! :grimacing: Sometimes my minimization and caching layers mess up. Haven’t figured it out (yet).

Anyway, I restarted things and it should be working (i.e., it works for me).

Hope you will try it again.

Yep, works! Neat!

Since I was already messing with things, you can now link to dates or releases:

I updated the timeline to reflect the release of go1.8.1.


Thanks again for putting this up and keeping it up to date, it’s fun looking back through the dates. Just discovered this is broken when serving at the url without the trailing slash, you might want to put a redirect in:


Thanks for telling me that was broken. The redirect is working now.

I just stumbled upon this post! This is fantastic @nathankerr !