Forum instability


I visit this forum several times a day and often (10% of my visits encounter a problem) find it returning 502.

Rather than continuing to post passive aggressive screenshots on twitter I set up a pingdom account to poll the forum to see if this issue was general, or just PEBKAC.

Here are the results of running this check for a few days.

I think there may be an issue with the stability of the forum.


I have also noticed down times and instability in the last week or so. It was also occurring on a few other sites I visit so I was assuming it was just my issue. But I guess it’s good to know that I’m not alone on this one.

Most of the time I just receive errors trying to open threads, but I have experienced full outages giving me a 502 error.

On another note, how well do you like pingdom as a monitoring service? I’ve heard of it but have never used it.

Hmm, I’ve noticed this as well.

In the past I’ve notified @Luna when this has happened over the Gopher’s Slack channel, but haven’t been on there or here much lately so have just forgotten, but it seems like it’s been a consistent issue for a while now…

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It happens for me very frequently when I’m in a topic, and click (tap) on the upper left “Go Forum” trxt to return to the topic list.

And I have to wait 3 seconds before retry, otherwise the error continues.

For the records, I visit the forum (almost) daily and I have not seen any 502 or any other sort of inaccessibility lately. I am located in Germany. Is this issue perhaps bound to particular times (for example, U.S. or Australian business hours)?

Pingdon probes from many locations and the data does not support this conclusion.

But that’s a good point, I’ve only had the monitoring set up for a few days, maybe a pattern will emerge with more days data.

Just got a 502.

I’ve seen the same 502 a few times from Europe.

I’m in Hungary, UTC+1.

And get 502 when replying :slight_smile:

This is a fairly common complaint on Discourse. Most medium or large installations seems to run into it. Given that I guess this is a paid installation, it would be reasonable to take it up with the provider.

(I run an instance myself, hang on others, and lurk sometimes on although that can be a frustrating experience.)

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Paging @matt @goinggodotnet @freeformz for comment.

I got several times a 502 last december.

Today another one

Hi there gang! We (as in the admins) are on it, and will figure out what is going on. Stay tuned for updates :slight_smile:


Okay, so we might have found the cause! :smiley: The forum will be a bit unstable as I attempt to make it do what I want.


IMO this is fixed
Not a blip since @flexd found a mis configuration in the rate limiter.

I’m happy to call this case closed.

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Excellent! The problem was that flood protection was kicking in because something was not configured correctly :slight_smile:


Seems like we have not fixed this, or there is another problem… investigating :slight_smile:

Hey guys,

We can host this forum for free at Discourse :wink:.

Don’t bet on that being an improvement.