Forum instability

Looks like this offer is bound to GitHub projects.

The first reply to the post explains that:

Just to clarify – if your project is on GitHub and you don’t quite meet the threshold criteria of …

2000+ stars
30+ contributors
… feel free to contact us via the form. We’ll work with you. :slight_smile:

The purpose of the thresholds isn’t to arbitrarily keep projects away, but rather to ensure that there’s enough critical mass for a solid discussion community to form around your project. We guesstimate it takes about 5 people :man: :woman: :older_woman: :older_man: :baby: actively participating in the discussions each day for your discussion community to “work”.

Additionally, there’s another provision or something for open-source projects that Discourse actually uses to operate, and I’m fairly sure that Go is one of those :slight_smile:

And also, Go qualifies again since its Github mirror has 23K stars.


Thanks for clarifying. My fault to not read the announcement closely enough. :flushed:

Hello again! Reusing this topic: The forum was down for a while due to a full disk. None of us noticed apparently, and that is bad. Actions are being taken to make sure this does not happen again :slight_smile: Sorry for the inconvenience, Go(pher) back to your normal business :stuck_out_tongue:

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