You know you want a Cloud IDE for Go!

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I’m looking for a cloud IDE for Go. I know I’m beating a dead horse (Vegan version: feeding a fed horse) with all the various options out there. i think Go Lang needs, no, deserves it’s very own open source web-based IDE, written in and dedicated to the Go Lang. I am currently using Atom with the go-plus plugin and it is great but I want it to be cloud based. Some of cloud IDEs I’ve used are Codiad and Eclipse Che which are also great but Codiad is based on PHP and Eclipse Che a little overkill. What else is out there? Is there an interest in yet another IDE? I am seriously considering taking it on myself.

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What about VSCode with the Remote Development and Go extensions?

I started using this setup recently and I’m pleased so far.

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I’ve used and enjoy VSCode, I’ll have to check out the Remote Development plugin. VSCode seems more polished than Atom in some ways but the go-plus plugin for Atom is excellent. I am not sure if VSCode has something similar to the go-plus plugin. What I really want is something between
Eclipse Che and Codiad. My goal is to be able to code from anywhere, at any time, using any browser, and on any device…without needing to install anything on my local device. Eclipse Che is what I really want to use but it is a bit heavy and does not have a go-plus like plugin as far as I can tell.

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Another example is Gitpod, it is almost perfect, I need to verify that it has go-plus like capabilities. It uses docker images to manage development stacks (Like Eclipse Che). It uses a very nice editor called Theia IDE This thing almost looks just like VSCode too. The only issue I have is that I want to host it myself also…OK, now I’m just being picky.

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I’m always amazed that nobody out there seems to know LiteIDE.
Check it out ! Since i used it, I love it ! Free, simple and fast real IDE !

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Why do you want it to be cloud-based? The last thing I want is a piece of software monitoring my keystrokes and usage and sending the data to an unknown database.

(Chris Peck) #7

That is not something I considered. While the IDE would not capture anything the browser on the other hand would be suspect. However, one can and should use appropriate precautions to avoid such situations, as I am sure is currently being done for other web traffic. Your point is well received, for open source projects I would not care but for private projects I would certainly want to avoid using any standard browser. My main goal is portability and consistency across platforms and devices. The inspiration to code may strike at any time and I don’t want to be tied to any one device.

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