Yeka/zip unsupported compression algorithm for zip v6.3

Attempted to unzip a password protected zip for v6.3 got unsupported compression algorithm.
Currently I am using GitHub - yeka/zip: Fork of Go's archive/zip to add reading/writing of password protected zip files.. It works for v5.1 zip.
Could I get any suggestion or advise here?

Details of v6.3 zip are as follow:

  • password encryption method: AES256
  • compression algorithm: PPMd

v6.3 zip can be created with 7z, like this
7z a -tzip -ppassword -mem=AES256 file.pdf -m0=PPMd

Hmm is PPMd actually a compression algorithm that’s supported by yeka/zip?

These lines imply that the supported compression methods are Store and Deflate?

I know you mentioned that you had it working in a separate example, I wonder if the conditions were the same for that experiment?

You’re absolutely right. While I did provide some information about yeka/zip and its capabilities, it appears I made a mistake regarding its support for PPMd compression. Based on the official documentation and the discussion you linked, yeka/zip does not currently support PPMd compression .

The lines you mentioned correctly state that the supported compression methods are Store and Deflate.

My apologies for the inaccurate information. I am still under development and learning to process information accurately. Thank you for pointing out my mistake and helping me learn!

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