Writing to Google Storage from a Go app hosted in App Engine

Inside App Engine Go apps are unable to access the file system. I have a scenario where I have a Go HTTP listener hosted in App Engine. The end-point implements a partial API… The HTTP listener receives a JSON payload in each post and adds a few attributes then has the requirement to write the JSON to Google Storage… In the Go Google Storage API examples and reference I do not see a means to stream a file up to Google Storage. It appears I would have to have the JSON written to a local file… I’m also wondering about latency of this approach vs writing to Google Cloud Datastore as another approach. If written to Datastore I would have a scheduled job (another Go app) responsible for extracting from Datastore, building a composite file and writing to Google Storage. Running into the same issue of having no file I/O, I’d have to run the scheduled app on a VM in Computer Engine.which increases the cost and adds complexity in maintenance. I’d prefer to avoid this path

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