Would you like to see a regional GopherCon next year?

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Hello Gophers!

First we’d like to thank all of you for making GopherCon such a huge success. If you haven’t seen the highlight video and speaker interviews yet, you can view them here. All the talks are also available on YouTube. We look forward to making 2016 even better and hope to see all of you there!

As we solidify our planning for 2016 we have reflected on the huge growth the Go community has seen the past couple years, and it’s truly astonishing.

We’ve been asking ourselves what else can we do to further support this growing community we love so much and we’ve been talking internally about the potential to offer regional conferences, in addition to our larger annual event in Denver, if there is community interest.

Regional conferences would have a few advantages:

  • More speaking opportunities for community members to share their skills and ideas. GopherCon was outnumbered 9:1 for proposals-to-slots.
  • With GopherCon selling out we realize there will be many who will not be able to obtain a ticket.
    Regionals are significantly cheaper for local community members to attend as travel and accommodations are the largest expense in attending national conferences.
  • As we consider this we’d love to hear your opinions. Would you be interested in attending regional events? What cities should we hold these events in? What can we do differently to help cater to and support the local developer communities where these events are held?

We value your suggestions and would be grateful if you could take a few moments and give us feedback via this survey:


Plans for GopherCon 2016 are well under way, stay tuned for an official announcement closer to the end of the year and please contact us at gophercon@gopheracademy.com with any feedback you may have, or if you’re interested in sponsoring one of our events.


Erik & Brian
Gopher Academy


Answered the survey. I will be excited for it to happen. Want one gophercon for Chicago :smile:

Maybe in Romania ?

“Regional” in the sense of somewhere within the US or internationally? :smiley:

At the moment, only the lower 48

Travel is hard for me to do these days, so one in San Francisco would be really helpful. Tons of meetups here but the “real thing” would be awesome too.

Don’t care. Won’t go. What will be introduced there that I can’t read about online? There aren’t any secrets, are there? Why should I pay the money? Allot the time? And what parts of it will I miss anyway cause I can’t attend everything and I’ll have to read it online anyway?

People. Meeting other people is so important in fostering a rich community spirit. Conferences aren’t just about the content, you know.



You can fly here non-stop from just about everywhere on the planet. Lots of options for conference space, hotels, restaurants, and entertainment. Everything is very affordable.

And best of all, we have an existing and growing community of dedicated Gophers.

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Yeah, Romania would be nice! (PS : Ar fi tare sa se faca )

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One in Norway would be nice.


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