Windows with Command buttons

(Charles N. Cordaro) #1


 How do you create a window with command buttons, frames, toggle switches like what Python does with its tkinter library.  How can MS Windows 10 windows display be duplicated ?

(Luis) #2

I didn’t tested them but I the saw following projects.

(Charles N. Cordaro) #3


Is this GUI toolkit software that has to be downloaded and is not part of the Go package ? In other words, third party software ? I have been using Python which has a GUI library called tkinter that is part of the interpreter software. It handles the what the user sees .

(Johan Dahl) #4

See this from another thread:

(Charles N. Cordaro) #5

I looked at web page for gui-libs/wild. I am not interested in how to relate to C++/C#. I have written my application in Python using tkinter for windows, frames, command buttons etc. What I need is how to write equivalent code in GO. is there someone in this Forum that is familiar with Python and could help me ?