Windows 10 Defender caught a malware in go 1.17

I tried to use go 1.17 which has been recently released on my windows 10 laptop.

I installed go 1.17 with .msi installer which I downloaded from

And I got a malware report from windows 10 defender as the attached screenshot.

I reinstalled the compiler, let windows 10 defender full scan and it caught the malware.

I removed installed go 1.17, I downloaded the go 1.17 .msi again, installed the compiler with new .msi and I tried the full scan again, I got the same result.

I removed the go 1.17 and installed go 1.16 and tried the full scan, the windows defender said “safe”.

I think it might be security issue and I report what I found.

Thank you.

Hi @Hodol_CHOE,

Welcome to Golang Bridge.

I believe there was a similar ticket raised in The ticket described the incident as false positive as long as you’re downloading from official site and checksum your downloaded package.

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