Will robots replace programmers?

Will robots replace programmers?

If yes, why robots will replace programmers?

If yes, when will programmers get replaced by robots?

No. Robots have too many moving parts that are simply unnecessary when programming.

A software which replaces a programmer would be much more efficient.

And in a sense we are already there.

I’ve already implemented programs that used genetic algorithms to produce generations of programs optimised to solve a simple problem in an efficient manor. This was in Erlang though.


Will artificial intelligence replace programmers?

If yes, why artificial intelligence will replace programmers?

If yes, when will programmers get replaced by artificial intelligence ?

Both yes and no.

We have machine learning algorithms now. All we need to do is design a brain, and give it data to munch on, and it can (theoretically) solve any problem that a human can. So for now, we need someone to both design the brain, and someone to supply data to train the neural net.

We even have NEAT neural nets, which are able to build themselves up over time. So now you barely need anyone to even design the structure of the neural net, now it’s just a matter of training it properly. But we still need humans to do things like design fitness functions, learning curves, make inputs/outputs as efficient as possible, etc.

We’ve seen neural nets that can even take images and artificially “rotate” the viewing angle of the image, allowing many fewer images required to train a new neural net.

But there is always humans involved. I don’t personally think that’s going to change any time soon. Even if software is going to start to be able to write itself, a human will need to know how to tell it what to write.

So in conclusion, I don’t think programmers will be replaced, but I do think that the notion of what a programmer does will be.

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