Will Android switch from Java to Go?

I wonder why Apple could replace Objective-C with Swift but Google cannot do the same with Go.

I really don´t undernstand it.

I would appreciate your comments.

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When Apple uses C# ?

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Thank you :wink: (My mistake. First post edited)

“Xamarin is a product that brings .NET/C# to both Android and iOS”
"Create native iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac apps in C# "

www. xamarin.com

I think at the beginning Peter confused between C# and Objective-C.

After Peter, you are showing with xamarin a software that tries to build software cross-platform by transforming the code written in C# in a native code for the various environment.

I never tried it (I’m completely a newbie in GO), but it seems that a library allows doing something similar to xamarin with go: https://godoc.org/golang.org/x/mobile/app

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Yep your are right.

Notice that with C# you can also develop apps in windows phone.

So am I.

But I wonder why Go cannot replace Java.

Nowadays You can use both Objective-C and Swift. Is this is a smooth transition to a new language?

is Google doing it better without replacing Java?

Recently Google announced a new vulnerability with Java Link

I don’t think they will ever do it. The implication on the existing apps will be huge (as it’s mainly based on a system running virtual environment)

iOS was always built on compiled apps, so it doesn’t change much to change the language as the result will always be the same, a compiled binary.

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I see

Your comment reminds me to this piece of news:

Apple’s Swift takes first steps toward Android app development Link

If you’re a Java developer who’s spent the last decade (yup!) building a career learning the trillions of Android APIs, how would you feel if Android N replaced everything with Go.

Oh, and your IDE doesn’t work, nobody has gotten a good IDE for Go programs that integrates with the Android suite of tools.

Oh, and there isn’t a debugger, yet, sorry we’re working on it.

Oh, and the Ad API that you embed in your free game to make money doesn’t support the Go API yet.

And on and on it goes. There will be no switch because it would eviscerate the ecosystem of 81% of mobile developers, in a total war, scorched earth sort of way.

Why must one replace another ? Can they not co-exist ?


Thanks for clarifying my question.

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