Why the GO language is not more popular?

Why? Here in Spain there are only a few job offers. And I consider it as an excellent programming language.

Well, any new technoligies implies changes and many companies has projects with many people involved and already skilled in well known languages and technologies.Changes are hard to implement and involve big efforts to redesign everything and learn the new language and new techniques. Not many people are available to do this. I guess startups are the most open to newest technologies. Another point is the human resources, imagine that if in your area are only a few Go specialists is hard to belive that one simply embrace the Go language over the night.
Also, if we take a look at many companies, their products not implies scalability, networks or big performance in a such way to change dramaticaly the language.
Saying that, i think Go will remain a good alternative for future applications for all those who will want to goes their apllications in cloud.

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I don’t know :), but for the answer question to be framed differently next year - join a local Go Meetup or create one when it does not yet exist. This makes the adoption easier. Developers interested in the language can keep growing their skill in it while their current job might not require any Go, and it’s also signalling to companies that there is a critical mass of Go developers in the region.

At this time I’m in a moment of transition between Python to Golang. I consider myself as an experienced Python programmer and Python was my preferred programming language, but after having some exposition to the Golang (two weeks ago) I’m really thinking about porting all my code to Golang. it’s not an easy task and it will take me a lot (or maybe some) of my precious time. So I would point “time” as one of the main issues for this kind of “lack” of Go projects/jobs.


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