Why is no German developer magazine doing a Go series

When I googled for German beginner articles on the Go language I only find some on articles and heter forum posts on Heise as ususal everything new is bad…andnow that Go is getting hip some magzines start wirting articles about it
I wonder why can’t ther a be weekly category for Go in such magazines…

Perhaps there will be as soon as demand is high enough. But the S&S-Verlag does not even cover Python, AFAIK.

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To be fair, it was the c’t magazine that made me aware of - and sparked my interest in - Go, back in 2011. So not all of the German IT press were unaware or ignorant. But you are right; one article six years ago is next to nothing.

Luckily, there are plenty of Go blogs around. I never have missed the lack of Go articles in IT magazines.


I also found this German article but I think its very confusing…

The author speaks about running Goroutine using WaitGroup to sync them and running them in parallel without any furter explanation… but don’t thay run concurrent like in this example:



After reading through the article, it seems the Author is using concurrency and parallelism interchangeably and they are not. Someone didn’t see Rob Pike’s Concurrency is not Parallelism talk at GopherCon apparently.


He did already … someone took care of it on slack immediatly :wink:

Somebody made the author watch Rob’s talk? :wink:


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