Why is gxgui dead?

Why is the universal Golang GUI gxgui dead?

If you mean https://github.com/google/gxui, it seems to be due to a shortage of hours in the day (according to the readme).

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more detail in Issues: https://github.com/google/gxui/issues/166

I think that an universal gui is hard to write and maintain. Probably should be serious companies behind to support that because is not really a small project nor one man project. For now the easiest option to do graphic interfaces who works on any platform is to write web applications (with some tricks) and run them into a Google Chrome instance (app mode).

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The code is mostly undocumented, and is certainly not idiomatic Go.

Though the main reason is due to the author’s severe lack of spare time, I think go is not good at GUI programming is also one reason.
OO is not always good, but we must admit that GUI programming is one of its best use case.

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The other offering for hardware accelerated cross OS GUI at the moment:
Flutter ( language is dart with optional matial design widgets ),
React native,
Some others for sure.
An opengl accelerated GUI would be really useful addition to go, and bring some create opportunities.

There is however the shiny project that I bieve picked up where gxgui left off with a slightly different approach.


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