Why Golang use Upper case for public and lower case for private

I dislike this design, here is why:

  • interop with JSON, you need those meta to translate your Upper case properties to lower case
  • interop with Java, vim jump not working because of OnEvent, in Java is onEvent

Actually I suggest leave those freedom, say:

  • any method start with Upper or lower case should be public
  • any method start with ___ should be private

Anybody has the same pain with this?

No. And I don’t think it is worth to discuss this point. There are many good reasons for how the Go way of names. Just one link to get you started: https://www.goinggo.net/2014/03/exportedunexported-identifiers-in-go.html

  1. IMO you should never just accept an identifier from JSON directly: do a proper mapping.
  2. we don’t need Java interop - leave that to the JAVA based languages.

Particularly on that second item that kind of contract between different languages is a bad code smell. Language A should neither know nor care how language B decides to name its internal variable, or what is private or public. Not only is that too strict of coupling, it leads to people writing language B in language B. Always use the native idioms of a language rather than trying to force it into a different language.


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