Why does not golang like local imports

I have faced several times when go mark my import and says it is local import

If you mean relative imports like ../foo these are not recommended. Instead use a full import path like github.com/example/foo.

(If you mean something else, please clarify what your code is and what error you get.)

I mean relative imports, thanks! Why they are not recomended?

For one reason, because it doesn’t say what the import is. If you see a import "../foo" that doesn’t mean anything to you unless you have the same stuff on disk as I have. Giving you just a file is impossible as it removes the context. Tooling doesn’t understand it. It doesn’t work well with modules. And so on.


It is possible to work entirely outside of VCS on my local filesystem.


For me, i prefer to use shorter package name, instead something like “some_vcs.url/my_name/my_package”.

Here is my directories:

./common/go.mod   (module local/common)

>module local/service
>require local/common v0.0.0  
>replace local/common => ../common        <HERE

>package main
>import "local/common"

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