Why does my program using goroutines and channels hang?

https://play.golang.org/p/ceW74pfur0Q Here is the link to my code.
For some reason my code adds one job to the channel and then it hangs, nothing is ever executed and waits until I terminate the program. I am a beginner when it comes to go and its concurrency so I do apologize for any silly mistakes I may have made but I am completely stuck and have 0 clue why this is happening.

You could try out something like this :

If the number of accounts is >1000, your jobsChannel will fill up its buffered capacity on line 25 before you start your workers on line 31.

Move the loop that starts the worker goroutines to run before the loop that populates the jobs. The workers will wait to retrieve from the jobsChannel and pull jobs out as they get inserted.

Be sure to close the channel after wg.Wait() so that the worker goroutines know to stop attempting to retrieve from jobsChannel and return to free up their memory.