Why Does a programming language need to be political?

Black Lives Matters is clearly a terrorist organization and you supporting it clearly makes you a racist. Leaving all of that aside though, why do we have to get political on this forum?

Please remove the BLM header on golang and lets get back to the fun stuff like programming. The fact that you’ll most likely delete this post is proof it shouldn’t be there and I’m more than certain it being there is a few dipwads opinion and not the collective total of people here.

Please remove it,


Firstly, this site is not run by golang.org. This site is a member of BridgeFoundry, one of whose goals is “…expanding diversity in tech via outreach to underrepresented groups.” I suspect the admins here don’t have any say about the BLM banner and I recommend you instead take it up with Google.

Secondly, you’ve posted this topic in the Technical Discussion instead of what perhaps would be better suited in the Community category, though even the Community category here is for “Conferences, meetups, and other social aspects of Go.” This forum is about programming and not Black Lives Matter.

Thirdly, you’ve accused Black Lives Matter of being a terrorist organization and called the Golang community (or at least the webmasters of golang.org) in support of that organization “racists” and “dipwads.” I believe this vioates the Go code of conduct regarding political attacks and am flagging this post to this site’s admins.


lol, Please do and yeah, anyone with a brain can see what these groups represent and when you support a group that says “ALL WHITE PEOPLE should die” then it sorta means you’re a racist.

My only point is having a political message on a programming site is stupid and needs to be removed. I guess I’ll be removed instead which seems right these days. lol.


I’ve moved this to the “Comnuity” category.

I agree that this forum and the https://golang.org/ site are run by different entities. Nothing can be done here about the BLM header. The proper venue to report an issue with the golang.org site is to open a ticket.

When you say:


you are stating you OWN subjective opinion. To which you are entitled - but I rather doubt that discussing it (your opinion) is of a general interest (or of general benefit) on programming language forum. Unless you can provide some evidence to support your claims. And not merely “it is obvious that” - that does not count as evidence.
Otherwise let’s go back to discussing Go and leave politics to other forums.


Then you concede having a BLM slogan posted at the top of the site is an opinion and therefore should not be displayed on a programming site. Lets get back to programming.

BTW: If any of you actually spent the time to go read the websites very own to do list it includes destroying the US government and the 2 main characters that have received hundreds of millions in donations have admitted and are proud of being “Trained Marxist”. In fact she says they are extremely well trained Marxist.

The funny thing about their website todo list is that it has nothing to do with black people but more to do with destroying the current system. So you attempting to show that this is all my opinion just shows your complete ignorance in what is going on around you.

But I do agree with you that golang should not be involved in politics and should stick to programming. So I stick to my “Opinion” that the BLM banner should be removed. It is absolutely racist.


Can you please point out where exactly you see the banner?

I do see it neither on the forum, nor on the golang.org website.

Appart of that, can you please properly quote your claims? Not just “read the site”, but “at https://example.com” they state ‘This domain is for use in illustrative examples in documents’."

Perhaps even a screenshot, as citing the web is hard…

@Glenn_Hancock This forum is tangential to Go project and https://golang.org/, so we can’t really help you here. If you’ve an issue with something on https://golang.org, please file an issue on the tracker: https://github.com/golang/go/issues/new

Personally speaking, if this bothers you so much you are free to find another programming language and associated community to become a part of. I’d be much happier knowing I have no chance of running into individuals like yourself at GopherCon. :slight_smile:

@NobbZ it’s present for me:

I’m going to lock this topic as the only recourse is a GitHub issue against the Go project.