Why are replies duplicated?

EDIT: Nevermind, I’m too used to Reddit.

This is the one thing that is making me frustrated. Clicking on replies will show comment replies (which I like), but the same comments are already displayed as post-replies.

Has anyone else noticed this? It’d be great if comment replies weren’t shown as post replies so that threads are easier to read.

How do you distinguish “comments” and “posts”? Everything here is a “post”.

post = original post
comment = reply to OP
reply = reply to comment

seems legit

Why can’t I call a reply to the original post a reply? :sweat:

This is a feature, not a bug. :wink: Posts on Discourse forums are treated equally in that regard. Replies are grouped together so you have context when you read through the conversation. But since not all replies pertain to just a particular strand of the thread (see what I did there?), replies are simply appended to the conversation. The grouping is just for convenience when you want to see more conversation about that specific reply. You’re free to ignore it if you want.


Oh okay! That makes more sense now. I guess I’m just too used to Reddit.

If you’re interested, here’s more of the philosophy behind the design of replies (by Discourse creator Jeff Atwood):

I read the 2012 article, which was a good read. I’m now convinced a flatter approach has good benefits, especially for a forum like this one. I wonder if it would be possible for a Reddit-like site (comment volume wise) to use a flat comment structure.

One issue I do have with Reddit is when it gets 5, 6, or 15 levels deep it becomes a mess. I wonder what would happen if Reddit capped depth to like 3, would it be better?

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