Why a separate Web Site for China?

The latest blog article “Hello, 中国!” announces a separate web site https://golang.google.cn/ for China. What is the reason for this move? Is https://golang.org/ not reachable in China? Is this some anti-censorship agreement?


Google tested their go programming language a year ago in china. A large server was setup to test how fast go programming can take advantage of the resources and make computations in a faster way. Since then chinese companies started adopting go language. That’s the reason i think because Todd Mcloed who teaches go programming and also whose course is very popular on udemy on go programming said so.

But why a separate site for China? Or are there sites for other countries, too? The rest of the world is happy with https://golang.org/. Or will the new site contain content that is different or not available from the “international” site?

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Yep, I am confused too

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The linked blog post starts with the following sentence:

We are thrilled to announce that the content on golang.org is now available in mainland China through the name https://golang.google.cn.

This sentence implies, that golang.org is not (legally) accessible from most parts of china and that by providing golang.google.cn, they make it legally accessible everywhere.

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Yes, that’s what I think, too.

Isn’t hat sad? Google is censored in China and somehow strikes a deal with the authorities to make Go content available instead of insisting on the availability of one content for everybody.

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I don’t know whether golang.org is/was blocked in China, but note that Google themselves also block access to golang.org for people in countries on the US embargo list. I don’t think expecting Google to insist that this content should be available for everyone will get you very far.

Go is technology that must not be “exported” to certain countries? Well, it could be used to build nuclear bombs, so this sounds reasonable :roll_eyes:

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FWIW As far as I’m aware the US embargo list only includes Iran, North Korea, Syria, Sudan and Cuba.

golang.org is blocked in Chinese mainland

Do you know the reason?

I love China :slight_smile:

Hm, what does the CoC say?

Discrimination based on age, disability, gender, nationality, race, religion, sexuality, or similar personal characteristic.

Go is technology that must not be “exported” to certain countries? Well, it could be used to build nuclear bombs, so this sounds reasonable :roll_eyes:

Sorry about that. I just tried to state why golang.org is blocked based what i know, i didn’t mean to do things breaking CoC.

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I think this thread is veering a bit off topic and could benefit from some moderation. Self-moderation by the posters, if nothing else.

Because of the ICP license, since golang#org is a website and belongs to google, while google deoesn’t has an entity in China, so there is no way to get ICP license from MIIT.

Here is an example, look at the bottom of any webpage in China, you will see “京公安备案1000000号”, which means after you got the ICP NUMBER, you can legally publish information on your website under some conditions. If the web master decide to put some illegal information, then MIIT will find the entity and deal with the regulations. If someone report to MIIT that there is an online website doesn’t present the ICP NUMBER in the page, usually, the website will be blocked. And the cloud providers have already cooperated with MIIT, so http port 80 on your VPS will be monitored in any second.

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And all of this is only for the best of the Chinese people. Censorship must come first, free speech is for sissy 長鼻子.

All this is very sad.

Free speech is good, but how can distinguash fake news and free speech, someone has to respone to their speech. China has so many people, since not everyone has been good educated, its easy been exploited, let’s say, if 0.00001% belive you for some reason, then that is 10,000 people, if they are going to gather for a purpose, how can government find people to keep the order. BTW, I also belive censorship is not good for us, but I belive our goverment has do the best for the most of Chinese people. I hope the free speech will come soon when one day every Chinese walk with a brain.

Another thing about THE GREAT FIREWALL OF CHINA is that it gives every developer in China a chance to learn how to deploy a Shadowsocks or VPN server, I was no idea about encryption, networking security, proxy, PPTP, etc. After they blocked my VPS, I have to learn how to work around the WALL and get to know the working principle. THE GREAT WALL is growing and we are growing.

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You have to exercise critical thinking and vet your sources of information. That’s what we have to do in the west, and still people will believe falsehoods because it agrees with their point of view. I hope that education will help China move away from censoring, because it has the ability to control the people by manipulating and mandating an “official” perspective that will always be used to guide public opinion. At least in the West we have multiple perspectives to parse which helps us get somewhere closer to the truth.

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