Which is the lightweight API framework

HI Team,
I want to build very lightweight Golang app (size of the app should be very less as much as possible).Can you suggest me which is the lightweight, fast and should support all basic feature of API framework.

Hi @suvarna,

I assume that “API” means “REST API” or “RPC API”. (The term “API” is quite broad.)

If you want to create a lightweight app, do not look for frameworks. The standard library has all you need for creating an API server and/or client.

See, for example:


If you are looking to build a lightweight and fast Golang app with minimal size, you can consider using the Gin framework. Gin is a lightweight web framework for Go that provides excellent performance and supports the essential features needed for building APIs.

Here are some reasons why Gin is a suitable choice for a lightweight Golang app:

  1. Lightweight: Gin is designed to be lightweight, making it efficient and minimizing the overall size of your application.
  2. Fast performance: Gin is known for its fast performance, allowing your app to handle high traffic and process requests quickly.
  3. Routing: Gin provides a powerful routing engine that allows you to define routes for handling different API endpoints efficiently.

I think you can test with : iris, Gin, Echo, Revel, Buffalo, Chi :slight_smile:

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