Which framework should i use for restAPI in [golang] Gin or mux?

(Rana Umair) #1

Which one i should use for an audit based project?

(Herman Morales) #2

I thik that Mux is a good way, but i like more Buffalo and Echo

(Rana Umair) #3

thank for your precious advice bro

(Rana Umair) #4

I found one other thing, iris, it is getting much popular day by day.

(George Calianu) #5

I use Gorilla but I heard good things about Echo. However I think is a matter of taste and convenience, all frameworks are just as useful.

(Illud) #6

I use Gin is easy to use and fast to acomplish things. :earth_americas:

(Jason Lu) #7

I use Gin and Gorm. It’s simple, easy to implement. Try to make code clean as much as possible. Just to make sure the freshers will adapt with project quickly.

(Karl Benedict) #8

I’ve created couple of projects in Echo and Buffalo, both fairly strong frameworks. But for simpler one-time things I prefer to go with vanilla net/http plus optionally Gorilla if extra features are required.