Which framework should i use for restAPI in [golang] Gin or mux?

Which one i should use for an audit based project?

I thik that Mux is a good way, but i like more Buffalo and Echo

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thank for your precious advice bro

I found one other thing, iris, it is getting much popular day by day.

I use Gorilla but I heard good things about Echo. However I think is a matter of taste and convenience, all frameworks are just as useful.


I use Gin is easy to use and fast to acomplish things. :earth_americas:

I use Gin and Gorm. It’s simple, easy to implement. Try to make code clean as much as possible. Just to make sure the freshers will adapt with project quickly.

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I’ve created couple of projects in Echo and Buffalo, both fairly strong frameworks. But for simpler one-time things I prefer to go with vanilla net/http plus optionally Gorilla if extra features are required.

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