Which editor is widely used for GoLang programming?

Hi, I am new to GoLang world and wanted to know where do you write your code mostly, i mean in which editor? so that it would be good for me to select the specific one and proceed.

The editor is not important.

Use whatever editor you are comfortable with or what your employer allows you to use.


As Norbert pointed out, you can use any text editor for that. If you want Go language support (highlighting, suggestions, syntax checks, etc), look for editors that support the Go language server “gopls”.

Typical examples that I see in use:

  • Vim/NeoVim with vim-go or govim plugin
  • Visual Studio Code with the Go extension
  • the JetBrains GoLand IDE (commercial)

I’ve recently played with all three.

If you prefer Vim you’ll already know. It’s a bare-bones editor experience as you’ll be aware.

VS Code is fine - perfectly decent working environment with decent Vim keybindings, which is a must for me. If you’re new to the editor, there’s a bit of a learning curve for getting all your plugins installed and configured to your preferences.

For me, JetBrains GoLand was the smoothest experience. In particular the refactoring and debugging are a bit more powerful than you’ll get in VS Code, and the Git integration is seamless. As with VS Code, the most important Vim key bindings are available. There’s a very deep feature-set, so you have to dig into the docs or demo videos a bit to get the full picture of its capabilities.

If you are old-school and prefer a basic editor Vim is the obvious choice.

If budget is tight and you like an IDE, you’ll be fine with VS Code, especially for a small project.

If you can afford the modest licence fee, GoLand is well worth a trial. I’ve been convinced enough to buy a personal licence.

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