Where to find Golang freelance gigs?

Hello everyone, I’m a freelancer in search of a freelance project or clients for a long-term partnership where I can specialize in Golang. So far, I’ve primarily used Python for backend development. I consider myself exceptionally talented and offer comprehensive services in full-stack web technology.

My skill set includes React, Go, PostgreSQL, Linux, Docker (Compose), Git, etc. willing to learn more, complemented by an engineering degree (process engineering and mechanical engineering.)

One area I’m not as strong in is artistic design, and since I’m self-taught, I might miss some conventional practices here and there. However, I have a knack for intuitively doing “the right thing”, as I can almost visualize the data flow in my mind.

I’ll be available from May/June, ideally looking for a part-time but extended commitment. I’m initiating my search early because I’m eager to find a role that allows me significant responsibility and the freedom to choose my technology stack, especially using Go in the backend. I aim to contribute significantly to the codebase and have a major say in key decisions.

If anyone has any leads or advice, please feel free to send me a PM.

I’m not interested in permanent employment positions, so please no inquiries of that nature.

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