Where can I find the GCCGo compiler

Does anyone know how to download GCCGO ( GCC Go compiler )?

have you tried reading here?

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Thank you, It does not support Go 1.21 or generics :frowning:

yes, afaik only the official Go compiler supports the latest version of the language and all features

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GCCGo is an official Go compiler actually, It just does not get enough attention :(.

Well, depends on what do you mean with “official” Go compiler.

GCCGo is a compiler (actually is a Go frontend for the GCC compiler) that follows the Go specification; it’s implemented and maintained by the GNU community.

I don’t think the Go Team is involved in any tasks related to it; this is why I didn’t considered an “official” product. But maybe I’m wrong.

In the official blog Gccgo in GCC 4.7.1, it mentioned that the Go team has written two different compilers that implement that spec: gc and gccgo.