What's the usage of the 6 threads when I start to run an exe file generated by go install?

I wrote the code below and generated an exe file by running “go install” in windows.

func main() {						
   go func(){for ;true; {fmt.Println("1")}}()						
   for ; true; {						

Then I run the exe file and monitor the running process by a tool. As you can see, there are 6 threads running. I guess some of them are for GC, what concrete usage of the 6 threads? (I know M goroutines can be mapped to N the system kernel threads dynamically)

The Go runtime starts threads for many reasons - to run your goroutines, for blocking file I/O, for GC, and maybe for other reasons I don’t know. As far as I know the threads aren’t permanently dedicated to either of these purposes. The execution tracer can probably answer what each thread does if you run it on your specific example.

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