Whats about to compile JavaScript libraries for http use?

I don’t know if it is a good idea to compile text files into the program. Some comments about that usage would help me a little bit.

I made a simple package for vuejs
Package see here:

The package offers a handlefunc, which makes it very easy to add the vue.js library as a route. I compiled the whole vue.js text file into a []byte, because of chars like ` " and I did not want to change anything inside the vue.js text. The big pro is that I don’t need extra text files, when installing my server. Everything would be compiled into the program.

But I am not sure if that way is not a bad idea. Something smells here, but I don’t know what. So what do you think about that idea?

Not smelly at all, if you ask me - see Awesome Go: Resource Embedding.


Update to my own comment - there could be a caveat with resource embedding - see this Golang-Nuts thread at Google Groups.

TL;DR: When code contains large tables of data, compiling needs lots of memory (at least on Windows).

Thank you

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