What sort of categories do we think this should have?

Here are a few ideas…

  • Getting Help
    • Newbies
    • Testing
    • The Go Tool
    • Network Servers
    • Concurrency
    • Memory Management
    • Profiling and Performance
  • Projects
    • Release Announcements
    • Looking for Contributors
    • Brainstorming & Ideas
  • Community
    • Events and Conferences
    • Meetups
    • Misc

IMHO: I think all of those sub-categories under ‘Getting Help’ should be top categories. Let people figure out by themselves if it is a ‘get help’ or another type of post. I don’t see a need to have a tree system of categories in which there should be a few top ones only, if that’s what was the intention.

The other categories make sense to me, I like those.

Some community categories that come to mind:
Women Who Go

This is a great start. I’m excited at the idea of being able to filter what I consume based on these categories. I would suggest adding a Code Review category somewhere.

Also, sometimes when asking a coding question, it turns out that the question’s topic is the answer, so the asker doesn’t know which category it goes in until it’s answered. Where do those questions belong? I would think “Newbies” but then again, that assumes only newbies to Go have such questions.

Would a Gopher Academy category be suitable in Community? (And should Misc be renamed to Other?)

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+1 to @carlisia’s suggestion of keeping the categories flat to begin. We can always add sub-categories if the traffic gets too large. Hard not to indulge my categorization OCD impulses.

Perhaps just start with something like:

  • Getting Help
  • Projects
  • Community
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After we create the categories, should we still allow Uncategorized posts? (I feel that could be a mess in the long run.)

I would vote no - if anything, we can have an “offtopic” or “random” category (as in slack) where those can do.

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“Post must be at least 20 characters
Have you tried the button?” This is annoying, will we want this?

It doesn’t seem unreasonable. It will prevent people from treating this like a chat system vs a discussion form. I’m fine with it. It will also cut down on notifications for someone who replied “Thanks” or “OK” to you post, which would be a good thing, IMO.

But it’s sooooo annoying. I remember running into the same thing in the ruby rogues forum and they removed it. I’m posting an image of what I get after I spent sometime without posting on that forum, it pops up a window with some tips and a link to guidelines. Would this not be enough (I don’t remember thta something like this was triggered when I posted here the first time, do we need to configure for it?)


Is there a list of all the things a first-time user cannot do so we could see all of them together? I wanted to post an image and I couldn’t because “first-time user”, what’s a first-time user anyway, I’ve posted before? I personally don’t like these restrictions. I think we should trust people until they give us a reason not to. Plus, as with anything, there’s always a way around it.


I remember seeing that yellow box on this forum when I first started, so I think it’s enabled already. It’s definitely hard to miss. :wink:

If the post limitation is that bothersome, maybe we could lower it for now and if it becomes a problem, we can raise it again. Right now, a user’s first post must be 20 characters and all posts after it must be 20 as well. What if we change it to 10 for the first post and 5 for every post thereafter? That would still prevent posts like “OK” or “:stuck_out_tongue:” but allow things like “Thanks”. Plus it encourages the user to have a more meaningful first post.

Discourse has “trust levels” - so new users are TL0 to prevent spam, but it’s very easy to get to TL1. Maybe we need to make it even easier… right now you just have to read 5 topics and 30 posts over at least 10 minutes. Perhaps we could lower it to 3 topics and 15 posts or something.

Current (default) restrictions in place for TL0:

  • 3 max replies per topic without any other replies to them
  • 2 max mentions per post (@-mentions)
  • 2 max links per post
  • 0 images per post
  • 0 attachments per post
  • 0 posts require approval before being visible
  • 3 flags to block
  • Several seconds between posts
  • 2 posts where the yellow information box appears

I kinda like the limitations in place for TL0, but it would be AWESOME if the signup process (confirmation dialog and email) stated that list very clearly:

Just so you know, as new user your access will be a bit limited. We do this in order to prevent abuse, not to make your life miserable. The good news is that it doesn’t take much to get those restrictions removed. Here’s an overview of what you can do as a new user:

And here is what you need to do in order get those restrictions remove:

How about a category that people can use to post links to new Go articles, blog posts?

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I was thinking about that too… but I wonder if those are best kept on places like /r/golang (reddit) because posting a link by itself isn’t very interesting discussion. It’s also harder to keep the sentiment positive in a link aggregator.

What would the sub-category Meetups contain? Links to upcoming meetups?

We decided to keep the categories shallow for now - only top-level.

If the traffic in each becomes excessive, we can start creating sub-categories (for meetups, etc). So for now, anything related to the Go community would be posted in “Community”.

Does that seem reasonable?


I think shallow and limited categories is a good idea… let the community naturally start forming some common tags and then add more categories slowly. Having a ton just gets confusing and noisy.


I know not a lot of people would use this one. But something for computer graphics/game development would be nice


@hydroflame - I like that suggestion too. Game and graphics development is a strange and foreign world compared typical web/api service applications. Our plan for now is to keep the set of categories as small as possible. If/when the “Packages & Projects” category gets too noisy, we’ll leave it up to the moderators of those categories to create sub-cats as needed.

That sound reasonable?

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