What Is The web framework GO Fastest (performance)?

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I have a WebApp project focused on high-traffic security and I want a GO web framework that can respond.

I heard about AAH (which puts forward safety), IRIS, (heard of good and bad), AERO, etc. I found via the website awesome-go, I wish I used BUFFALO/BEEGO but unfortunately it does not treat enough requests.

Could you advise me of one or two frameworks that fit my project ?

Well, I guess all of these frameworks can respond to HTTP requests. You will have to be a little bit more specifc.

If you ask about performance, you will have to write your own tests and benchmarks.

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Hello lutzhorn

Yes, on the performance, what framework do you advise ?

If I really do not have a choice, I would do it myself but it would be easier if anyone had already done a similar project and could advise me and tell me what they used in order to save time.

I am using Revel atm for the backend of an app. I cannot tell you anything about performance, but it has a very nice structure. The only problem is, that some tools are out of date, so you have to write them on your own.

here is Top Web Frameworks for Development in Golang are Bin, Beego, Iris, Echo, Ravel, Martini,Buffalo.

Golang is the perfect choice when you want to write code faster. Go is the best fit when you focus on simplicity and safety is your most priority. Go work great for microservices and for typical β€œDevOps” tasks.

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