What is the proper way to upgrade Go?

My current machine is the second I have installed Go on, which was how I upgraded Go in the past (switching machines).

I am currently on 1.4.2 and wishing to move to 1.5

I am only a casual user of Go and normally spend my time in Dynamic Languages on the web.

Can somewhere share how to upgrade Go? Do I remove the Go I have installed and reinstall using the latest version? Can I have multiple Go versions installed on my machine at a time.

Thanks for your assistance

On my mac I simply downloaded the latest version of golang from the website and installed it. No mess at all.

If you do require multiple versions of golang installed on your computer you can look at this tutorial here


Thanks for the info. Just installed

I guess I wasn’t expecting for more of a hassle, it was super easy.

glad to hear :smile:

on Ubuntu i use this project to install, config and keep update :wink: on other systems simply download last version and unpack. you can also have more versions in separate folders but you must change GOROOT every time you want to use another version.

I haven’t tried it, but there is also a go version manager (like rvm or nvm):

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