What is the common web framework for large enterprise backends in 2022?

Hi there,
I’m fairly new to Go and for me it feels a little bit daunting that there are so many web frameworks out there because I won’t get the chance to play around with each one of them.

I see that there are many minimalistic ones but I’m looking for one that is made for large enterprise backends. Bonus points if that one doesn’t rely on many third party packages.

I’m looking for something similiar to ( not my personal preferences but as an example what I’m looking for )

  • Angular for web apps
  • .Net Core and newer
  • NestJs for Node ( Express with more builtin features? )

Would you guys mind giving some suggestions on that? I saw that Gin might have the biggest community and might be the biggest one ( I might be completely wrong ) but maybe you know better …

Thanks in advance!

Using Drupal, Wordpress, Angular and PHP sites in the past, I looked into Go as a way to build sites. Go is mainly a backend language, but personally I found it very suitable to build static sites. Though it is not that common to use Go in web sites. I did choose to work without framework as the magic they add you often must pay with complexity and speed loss.

As Go static web sites out of the box without any framework are very fast, making them very suitable for large web sites IMO. Pure Go html templates reminds me of Angular, but is way simpler, faster and cleaner. Pages with sub templates makes it very easy to build and maintain.

Another option may be to look at Hugo that they claim is “The world’s fastest framework for building websites”.

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

I’m looking for a suitable backend framework. I know that Go offers many builtin features, so a third party router library might be enough but maybe there is a web framework you can’t go wrong with

I use the built in router with a dynamic approach. If the page does not exists it redirects to a 404.html or whatever you want.

Using different frameworks for decades, I find it refreshing to work without framework :slight_smile:

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