What is the best book to learn Go in 2023?

I’m often asked what book I recommend people read to learn Go. I never had a good answer, because the book I read to learn Go in 2014 is by now very outdated.

I decided to fix that problem this year. So I ordered and read more than 10 books, mostly recent ones, targeting those learning Go, so I could offer the most definitive answer to this question possible.

And today I’ve published my results to share with the community. You can read my written recommendation, or watch the video version.


Haha, I read the title, thought it is a question, and clicked on it to share the link to your book review here!

Great article, Jonathan, thanks for sharing.

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I recommend “Head First Go” by Jay McGavren for learning key language concepts in extremely short and pleasing way. Then followup with “Learning Go” by Jon Bodner for more detailed knowledge + ways of writing idiomatic code.

Speaking for myself - I’ve learned couple languages before and learning Go was my smoothest experience so far.

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