What is the architecture for writing REST APIs?

I know there’s no definitive way of writing go… But one thing I do want to know; just because I came across this video: Golang / Go Crash Course 05 | Building an API Mashup using Goroutines and Channels - YouTube

I noticed he designed a struct for his API and services. What is this approach called? What are the different ways in REST API Design to make my app more robust and less hacky?



A REST API is an application programming point of interaction (API) that utilizes an illustrative state move (REST) structural style. The REST compositional style utilizes HTTP to demand access and use information. This considers connection with RESTful web administrations.
The idea of REST was presented in 2000 by Roy Fielding, a prominent PC researcher who has affected the advancement of numerous WWW principles. REST was, and stays, a center structural rule for the web overall.
Lay chips away at top of the HTTP transport. It exploits HTTP’s local abilities, like GET, PUT, POST and DELETE. At the point when a solicitation is shipped off a RESTful API, the reaction (the “portrayal” of the data “asset” being looked for) returns in either the JSON, XML or HTML design. A RESTful API is characterized by a web address, or Uniform Resource Identifier (URI), which normally follows a naming show.

As opposed to SOAP, REST is more straightforward to work with and more adaptable:

No costly instruments required for connection with web administrations.
More limited expectation to learn and adapt.
More productive (XML, utilized in SOAP messages, is longer than REST’s message designs).
Quicker, with less handling required.
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