What do you call your second ctx variable?

What do you call your second ctx variable?

I’m making a switch to context.Context across our codebase. But there’s a problem in the tests. A few of the tests have a testContext that holds a bunch of important objects for the test to examine, and the variable it goes in is named ctx.

Which means I can’t:

var log = blog.UseMock()
var ctx = context.Background()

because they’re both named ctx. I considered contxt but that looks really weird.

Could rename our custom object. Suggestions?

Editors and IDEs have auto completion these days. Go for readability: testCtx, testEnv, etc.
Names that would make it easier to understand the code a few months after it is written or for new devs getting up to speed.

Yep, we decided on testCtx for the return from setup().

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