What are the opinions of the programmers about the future of programming?

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What are the opinions of the programmers about the future of programming?

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Static type languages are the future.

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for me, simplicity and secured programming language is the future

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I agree with this. I also hope to see a return to the UNIX philosophy where programs are small and do one thing exceptionally well.

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I try to apply this philosophy for functional programming in my projects: small functions that do one thing well.

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In a few years when Go raised a bit more in popularity and JavaScript lost parts of its huge community, the chromium engine will test Go as a second language choice for websites in favor of precompiled web-apps. These apps are kind of platform independent like Docker containers and will spark in interest immediately. This revolution will be called Web 3.5 as it is replacing JS slowly but unstoppable. The borders between native, hybrid and web-apps on Android will begin to fade away as Android is starting to support Go next to Java and Kotlin. After that, go will leave behind JS and Java and rise as the most used programming language even though it’s far from perfect. But it’s the closest you can find right now.

You can link to my answer in fives years after the revolution began. See you.

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You read it here first, people.

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I love Go, but my recent concern is how the language is simple enough to make programmers even more expendable.

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