What are best tool kits or libraries available for golang to implement api based web project?

i want to build a service for user signup and sign in.

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This is a loaded question, you’re going to get allot of opinions, I’ll list four (in no particular order) that will meet your needs and each has something unique about it.

  1. STD lib - for purists, is simple and it works requires a little more boilerplate.
  2. gin - one of the long standing and stable frameworks, tried and true.
  3. lars - similar to gin however allows for and encouraged to use your own customized Context for passing data and adding helper functions. see here for a good example web project on using it.
  4. echo - one of, if not the first, to offer a fast http backend ( there are ups and down to those, eg. no http2 built in etc…) also allows for the STD http backend, is stable and tried and true.

Not trying to leave anyone’s project out on purpose just there are 70+ web frameworks out there and IMHO most just don’t bring anything new or unique to the table.

P.S. don’t be taken in by the fastest, or most features etc… choose the one that meets your needs best and will help you accomplish your goals.

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If you want to get a quick solution for everything you need, you can browse those tool kits. But you will have several choices.

If you want to do your web-project in the original go way and really learn to think in go, you should read about and try to use the core net/http package and try to understand why they have the constraint to use context (released in 1.7) when they implement api functions at google.

Thanks Ingo Krabbe

Thanks Dean Karn

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