What about x32 support?

(Andrew Pennebaker) #1

Any interest in adding support to Go for building Linux x32 binaries? I’m not sure why 64-but programmers want to use 32-bit pointers, but apparently it’s a thing and I wonder if that could benefit some Go programs somehow.

(Johan Dahl) #2

Hi. You can build a 32-bit linux binary by building your application like this

env GOOS=linux GOARCH=386 go build -o myprogram main.go

(Andrew Pennebaker) #3

Nope. x32 != Intel 386.

I am referring to the Linux x32 ABI, where applications have access to 64 bits, while using 32-bit pointers. The naming is confusing.

(Johan Dahl) #4

Ok. I have newer heard of this. Something new to learn :smiley: Seems it’s on it way out