Welcome to the Go Forum

Welcome to the Go Forum! This is a place for people who use the Go programming language or want to learn more about it. We hope you’ll participate with us.

Here you’ll find:

  • Go questions and answers,
  • Discussions and announcements about Go packages and projects,
  • Brainstorms and ideas,
  • Information about conferences and meetups,
  • Other Go language-related discourse.

This forum is operated by GoBridge and is sponsored by Palm Stone Games. Many of the original members here are from the Gophers Slack and we abide the same online Code of Conduct. This forum is moderated by the team described in the Code of Conduct document.

You can find more Go goodness with the #golang hashtag or resources on the Go wiki.

The gopher image is a derivative work of the original Go gopher by Renée French. Thanks, Renée!

Mailing List Interface

For those of you who prefer the mailing list workflow, you can easily participate in this forum by email exclusively. Go to: Profile > Preferences on your account and scroll down to “Email”, where you can choose how often you want to receive emails, which includes the option: “an email for every new post.” You may even mute the topics and categories you are not interested in so you won’t receive email for those types of messages.

This mailing list interface provides the ability to reply to topics and also create new topics by email. To reply to topics, just reply to the email. To create a new topic, send an email to the email address of the category you want to post to. See the pinned topic about each category to find the email address. As an example, you can post topics to this category (Site Feedback) by emailing post+site-feedback@golangbridge.org.

Of note: posts by email may take a few minutes to appear, and you must send the email from the same email address on your account here.