Weird println in golang

n := 43210 // time in seconds
fmt.Println(n/60*60, "hours and", n%60*60, "seconds")


43200 hours and 600 seconds

I don’t know why.

Or you could write it like this

n / (60*60)

In other language, such as Java and C, the print output is the result of n/60*60(it’s 12). So I don’t know why the golang is so different. Is that the bug of the golang?

Division and multiplication do have the same precedence in go, so they are evaluated left to right.

And I can not check for C right now, but the behaviour for Elixir, Erlang and Rust is the same as Gos, all read and evaluate it like if it were (n / 60) * 60.

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Definitely not.
And for Java and C, they work as the same as Go.

It’s very shameful, I got it wrong.