Weird behavior when go build'ing "local packages"

Hi, folks,

        I’m trying to use go mod with “local packages” (to my module). But I keep stumbling on some very weird behavior. I did some empirical debugs (to understand WTF is going on) and looked up on previous posts, but none was able to provide me a solution.
        So my initial idea was to call the package by importing go_packages_by_example/text/template so I’d be able to call the functions from template.go, but that didn’t quite work. Which led me to think that text/template was not being compiled in pkg directory or something like that. So I ran the go build inside the said package which gave me no compiled file. And then go install and text.a file was finally created, but I was still not able to import it correctly. That’s when I changed the import path to go_packages_by_example/text and it kind of imported, but now I have a whole new set of weird behavior. It imports the file as template, but I can’t call text.SomeFunction nor I can do text.template.SomeFuncion or even template.SomeFunction.
        Any ideas on how to tackle this? This should be straightforward. I know I am playing the noob here, but I did everything that I could with Go sources of information and random stack over flow hints. Zero on how to import a package from within a module. Sorry for the picture collage (they only allow 1 per new user :sob: ).

From to bottom

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project structure
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P.S. I’m pretty sure I’m missing a picture.

A bit of smoking, food and coke showed me where I was noobing. :joy:

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