Weekly Wiki Wrapup - 2015-11-14

New packages added this week:

  • All the cool kids are OAuth providers, and now you can be too with hero, an OAuth server implementation.
  • An approach to microservices based on protobuf3 and Consul, micro is worth checking out.
  • Good to see Go being used in interesting places - clp provides bindings to the COIN-OR (operations research) library for linear programming.

Companies now using Go:

  • Assuming Chrome’s translation of the Portuguese hasn’t lead me astray, Benefício Fácil is a Brazillian distributor of benefit vouchers for services like transportation and dining.
  • Go for a good cause, Treetop Commons is using Go to build NobleHour, an online platform for organizing community groups.
  • Not sure how we overlooked this one given their hosting of the GopherFest next week, but Parse.com is now listed.
  • Looking for something to do in India? BookMyShow is an online listing and ticketing marketplace for concerts, movies and events.
  • Network security company Awake Networks, apparently still in “We don’t have a website” (a.k.a. “stealth”) mode.

New Articles:

User Groups:



  • The conclusion of the 2015 edition of dotGo was marked with the announcement of the 2016 edition
  • Announcement of the Golab conference in Florence, Italy in December, 2015.
  • The dates for GopherCon China have been announced (April 16th) for the Beijing event - planning for 1,000 attendees.

Miscellaneous Edits:

Thank you to all of our contributors (changelog order):

  • John Schmocker
  • Minux Ma
  • Khurram
  • Nate Finch
  • Erik St. Martin
  • Nathan Brown
  • sergeylanzman
  • Scott Pakin
  • Damian Gryski
  • Long Hoang

Chrome’s translation was good on this one! Bom trabalho!

Good to see Brazilian businesses adopting Go. I think the only other one listed is Globo (which is pretty big down there)

Thanks for the outlearn.com link.

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